Nebula Cannabis is an independently owned and operated medical and recreational retail dispensary located in Portland, Oregon. We strive to bring our customers the highest quality cannabis and accessories. Our friendly and knowledgeable team provides products from locally owned and operated farms and various companies in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Our main goal is to bring the best experience we can to our themed location.

Nebula is home to a plethora of different products that vary in THC and CBD. We take our brand above and beyond to give our clients the service they deserve. At Nebula we understand that cannabis provides many different feelings and experiences. Whether you are seeking increased creativity and focus, relief from chronic pain, or simply a relaxing and enjoyable escape from reality, we will help you choose products that are best suited for YOUR specific needs. We will also provide you knowledge and education about the unique products we carry.

Nebula has a uniquely Portland feel and is home to an original art piece by a local artist. This beautifully painted mural envelops our entire shop. The vivid colors and galactic imagery provide a universal welcome to all who enter. We believe in the power of the product we offer and we know you do as well.

Come in today and let Nebula take you to the clouds and beyond!